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Hearing and Your Overall Wellness

Did you know your hearing health is closely tied to many aspects of your total wellness? 

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Did you know?

Hearing loss can happen at any age. 48 Million Americans have hearing loss. 

Only 20% of those who need to use hearing aids actually wear them. 

Diabetes doubles your risk for hearing loss. 

Hearing loss is more common in those with hypertension. 

untreated Hearing loss increases your risk for 

Social isolation and family conflict.

Depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 

Cognitive decline and early-onset of Alzheimers.

Income disparity.

Dangerous falls.

More than 45 million people in the United States experience tinnitus.


Adults with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.

Untreated Hearing loss

One in every three people over the age of 65 – a total of 165 million people worldwide – lives with hearing loss.

About Hearing Loss

Hearing and Your Brain

Most people don't realize that we don't actually hear with our ears. Our ears detect sound and play a part in sending information to the brain, but the brain is where we hear and understand. 

When your ability to hear declines, your brain receives less stimulation than it typically would. Recent studies have shown that over time, this lack of “exercise” for your brain can lead to cognitive decline and increases risk for memory loss or even dementia. 


Your Hometown Doctors of Audiology 

We are proud to be Haywood County's only Doctors of Audiology and are committed to providing gold-standard, medically-based hearing healthcare for the entire family. We provide care for patients in WNC and North Georgia in our offices located in Clyde and Franklin, NC.

Here for you now. and always.

Mountain Audiology has been serving the hearing needs of WNC since 1988. Here at Mountain Audiology, your hearing, is our only business.

Expect Quality Service

Our Doctors and staff make your office visits something to look forward to by providing you with not only world-class healthcare, but top-notch customer service as well. We take our time to do our very best to help you achieve the best possible hearing. Every patient. Every time.

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Our knowledgeable and friendly staff has years of experience in hearing healthcare. Visit our office for a hearing evaluation, hearing aid selection and fitting, in addition to tune-ups and maintenance for your devices.

We're Here For You

We focus on patient education, take our time with you, and do our very best to help you achieve improved hearing.

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Cochlear Implant Team

Mountain Audiology offers care and services for patients with existing cochlear implants and those interested in candidacy. We are proud to play a role in providing easier access to cochlear implant services, giving more of patients easier access to more treatment options here at home in WNC.

The Mountain Audiology Cochlear Implant Team is lead by Dr. Erika Hendrickson, AuD, Dr. Alex Snyder, AuD, and Emma Maxwell, MA.

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Our Patients make our day...

Prior to going to Mountain Audiology I had two really bad experiences with hearing aides.   So I wasn't too eager for a third, but knew I needed help. I saw their ad on a shopping cart and something about it caught my attention.  It seemed to say all the things I was looking for.   So I made an appointment with Dr Alex Snyder, but was still very skeptical. She asked a lot of questions about my hearing and past hearing aides. I told her everything and how I felt - Dr Snyder was very easy to talk too and listened to me. She then put my hearing through a number of tests, explaining everything along the way. She then decided there were two types of hearing aides she felt would work well for me. She explained there would be some small adjustments for me, but time would help me with those adjustments. I've been wearing them now for about 4 months and couldn't be more pleased. My hearing is wonderful! Dr Snyder kept her word with everything she said would happen. She's great to talk to and is always ready to talk to me about any concerns I may have. Mountain Audiology and Dr Alex Snyder did not disappoint me and I would recommend them with full confidence to anyone who asked.

Evelyn A.

Over the past few years, my hearing loss was so gradual that I never noticed it. Recently, I became aware of missing parts of conversations and having to ask people to repeat what they said. With Dr. Gant's help, I can now hear conversations and sounds missed for some time. What a joy it is to receive such a gift and to be able to hear again. Many thanks to Dr. Gant and the staff at Mountain Audiology.

- John Meinecke

You just don't realize what you are missing until you don't have to miss it anymore.

- Hugh Russell

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Mountain Audiology and Erika Henderson. I have been a patient with Erika for about 8 months. I first made an appointment for a hearing test for my ENT. Erika administrated the test and went over the results. The results were explained to me and in a way that I could best understand. I also spoke with her about hearing aids. Erika done an awesome job of giving me all the information I needed to make the proper purchase. I made that purchase and because of Erika I now have great hearing aids. Erika really does a super job and she is very good at her job.

- David Cutshall

I enjoy everything much more now- sounds, music, and talking. I can listen to people talk now and understand all the words. I have not heard birds and crickets in so many years- the first night I heard them I thought we lived in a jungle!

- Luann Cook


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