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Hearing is a precious thing. We can help you prevent hearing loss and assist you in hearing again.

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About Hearing Loss

The terms: Severe, Moderate and Mild are limited descriptions designed to categorize your hearing loss. Many factors can influence the difficulty you may be experiencing with your hearing. For example, your environment, your personality or even your job or hobby may affect how you perceive your problems with hearing. Patients with a wide variety of hearing losses report that their hearing aids help to reduce stress and even increase their energy! (Most patients don't realize how tiring a hearing loss can be.)

Mild Hearing Loss

Results are just outside of the normal range of hearing (0-25 decibels). Normal hearing may show a mild hearing loss if it is impacted with earwax. People with mild hearing loss can usually understand conversation in a quiet room or environment.

Moderate Hearing Loss

Results show that many sounds will be difficult for your brain to process, especially if you are listening in situations that contain background noise. Sounds like S-F-TH-SH, are much softer than the vowels A-E-I-O-U, so these sounds tend to be impacted the most by a moderate level of hearing loss. People with moderate hearing loss will benefit significantly from hearing aids.

Severe-Profound Hearing Loss

Those with severe hearing losses have difficulty with all sounds. Generally, we talk to each other at about 50-75 decibels. With a severe loss, normal conversation is perceived at very low levels. If you have severe-profound hearing loss, hearing aids are essential for awareness of environmental sounds, noise alarms and speech.

Recommendations: Our clinic chooses from a wide variety of manufacturers and models. As an independent clinic,we are not limited to any one brand or model, which means we can fit you with the right hearing instrument for your hearing loss.