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Beyond Hearing Aids

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Today hearing aids are more than "just" hearing aids - they are multi function marvels of technology. The noise reduction capabilities and microphone technology in the devices we fit on our patients have incredible capabilities to reduce noise and enhance speech that we could never have imagined even just a few short years ago. In some situations and for some patients we also recommend using wireless accessories in certain situations. 

We offer devices in many levels of technology and price points with wireless connectivity and accessories that pair with your hearing aids to make listening even easier and more enjoyable in more settings.

To learn more about communication strategies for both listeners and talkers, visit our Communication Program page.

a few examples of what you can do with the accessories we offer:

Easier listening in noisy situations - many hearing aids can be paired with optional microphones to use in more challenging listening situations with more competing noise and multiple talkers. Here are few examples of when our patients use their accessories - 

  • dining out restaurants
  • family meals and gatherings
  • riding in the car
  • book clubs, card games, worship groups 

When every word counts - our patients who work in rolls where hearing every word is essential can't imagine life without their hearing aids and remote microphones at business and community meetings, performing depositions or appearing in court, when seeing patients of their own, caring for aging or ill family members who may have difficulty speaking. 

Hands-free cell phone use- the signal from your phone goes directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology - no wires needed!  Many hearing aids and cell phones connect directly, with no additional accessory required. Not a smart-phone user? We have options for "regular" cell phones, flip phones and Jitterbug! 

End the battle over the volume control - wireless connection sends sounds from the TV to your hearing aids where it is adjusted to your hearing loss prescription. A simple-to-install TV streaming box is all you need. Multiple pairs of hearing aids from the same manufacturer connect to a single box. And, the non-hearing aid wearers in your home can still hear the TV at the volume best for them.  

Enjoy music and audio again - stream wirelessly from your iPad, tablet, laptop or other devices to enjoy music, audio books, and podcasts without interference of backdrop noise.  


Did you know? hearing aids and Accessories  make communication easier for friends and family as well - a win-win for both speaker and listener!