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HearWell Care and Warranty Plans

Peace of Mind now and in the future
New Hearing Aids 

All new hearing aids purchased though our office include:

Repair Warranty  All hearing aids purchased through Mountain Audiology include a comprehensive 36-month repair warranty with the original device manufacturer. Our office will handle all aspects of having your devices repaired, including sending and receiving them from and refitting them to your prescription.

Near the end of your repair warranty, we will contact you to schedule an end of warranty appointment for a final no-cost check up of your devices before they go out of warranty. 

Loss and Damage  All hearing aids purchased through our office also include a 36-month loss and damage policy. Our office handles all aspects of obtaining your replacement and refitting to your prescription - all you have to do is call. Coverage provides for replacement of each device one time during the 36-month device warranty period. A deductible based on the level of technology of your hearing aids will be apply at the time of replacement.

Continue Your Care and Service 

At the end of your original device warranty, we offer the following option plans for patients whose hearing aids are still working well for them and who would like to maintain the repair and loss coverage:

Choose from Two Device Warranty Plans - 
Platinum Extended Plan - provides 12 months peace of mind for:  
  • Repair of device and receiver, if applicable
  • Loss & damage coverage for device (and receiver, if applicable)
  • Clinic appointments for delivery of the replaced or repaired aid 
  • Loaner device/s of comparable or higher technology while aids are being repaired or replaced
  • Unlimited walk-in clinic for device clean and checks 
Gold Extended Plan - Provides 12 months peace of mind for:        
  • Repair of device and receiver, if applicable 
  • Clinic appointments for delivery of repaired aid 
  • Unlimited walk-in clinic for device clean and checks 


Depending on the option you selected at the time of your original fitting, your treatment plan length may not be the same as your device warranty. Your treatment plan/hearing aid purchase agreement contains this information.

If wish to continue the convenience of unlimited follow up clinical care for your hearing aids, we offer our HearWell Care Membership.

HearWell Care Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to our Hearing Aid Walk-In Clinic, including all supplies and services performed (excludes receivers and custom ear molds) 
  • Complimentary repair processing - no service charge for in-warranty devices sent to the original manufacturer for repair. Includes all office visits related to the repair 
  • Unlimited scheduled office visits with one of our audiologists for hearing aid programming adjustments, aural rehabilitation, counseling, or other hearing aid-related needs 
  • Unlimited access to our twice-monthly group communication strategies lunch sessions 
  • Enjoy a discount on our Platinum or Gold Extended Warranty Plan 

We are happy to offer our HearWell Care Plan to all hearing aids patients, regardless of where they originally obtained their devices. 

Have questions about if one of these plans is right for you? Tammy Carter in our main office will help you out. You can send her an email or call either office.