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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

Our office performs comprehensive, medically-based diagnostic audiological evaluations which go far beyond determining what your hearing looks like on paper. If you haven't had your hearing tested since your elementary school screening when you listened for the beeps, you may be surprised by the comprehensive evaluation we perform.

Did you know? Audiologists are the only healthcare professionals with advanced degrees from a university (either AuD or MA) trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.   

Preparing for your appointment:
  • Your testing appointment for will be usually be 30-45 minutes, plus around 10-15 minutes for paperwork if you are new to the office.
  • Patients who are new to our practice will complete our detailed patient health intake and hearing inventory paperwork before being seen by their Audiologist. We are happy to mail or email you the paperwork if you would like to complete it ahead of time. Call the main number or Click here to request new patient paperwork.  
  • If you are a current hearing aid user or have an implantable device, please bring all devices and accessories to your appointment.
  • Many medications, including traditional over-the-counter, prescription, and "natural" or "herbal" remedies can have an impact on hearing and tinnitus. Please bring a list of current medications and supplements. It isn't necessary to bring the packages. 
  • Hearing loss impacts more than just the patient we are testing. We encourage everyone being evaluated for hearing loss to bring their spouse or other loved one, a friend, or other family member to their appointment. 
Here's what to expect during your appointment:
  • Our comprehensive hearing evaluations begin with detailed intake of your past and current medical history. Your hearing plays an important role in many aspects of your overall physical and emotional health so our process evaluates your total health. 
  • We will spend time talking with you and use various intake tools to understand and evaluate the impact your hearing is having on things such as your emotional well-being, safety, family relationships, and career. How your hearing looks on paper is one piece of the puzzle. The impact that is has on your life is another.   
  • A thorough physical examination of your ear will give us important information about your external auditory system health and determine if there is an obstruction, such as ear wax, causing your hearing loss.
  • Your Doctor of Audiology will perform a series of audiometric evaluations to assess the type, configuration, and severity of your hearing loss. We use a variety of specialized tests to uncover the source of what's preventing you from hearing well. 
  • Patient education plays a primary role in our evaluation and treatment process. After we've completed the diagnostics and collected the information about your hearing health, your Audiologist explain the results in easy-to-understand terms and answer any questions you have.
  • After the conclusion of your appointment, you will be given individualized recommendations tbased on the results of your evaluation, including the need for additional testing, hearing loss protection, or treatment plan recommendations. 
  • If your Audiologist identifies something which requires further evaluation by a physician, we will assist you with referrals to specialists or back to your primary physician. 
  • If your results indicate the need for a treatment plan including hearing aids or a cochlear implant, we will schedule you for a second appointment to discuss treatment plan options in more detail. In some cases, your Audiologist may discuss options with you on the day of your evaluation. 
  • If you're a kiddo, you'll get to pick out your favorite stickers and make a visit to our prize bin! 


We look forward to helping you learn more about your hearing and tinnitus and guiding you through the follow up and treatment process.