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Ear Impressions

Perfect Fit



The ear impression that is used to make the earmold or in-ear monitor is the most important part of the process in getting a good custom fit. The quality of the ear impression material and technique directly impacts the sound quality, sound isolation and comfort that are achieved with the earmold.

Making an accurate ear impression is both an art and a science. Our Audiologists have extensive training in ear anatomy and impression-taking technique to safely and accurately make impressions of your ears for any custom-made ear mold or plug. Using the correct material and technique are essential to getting a comfortable and effective fit of in-ear monitors or any custom ear product. 




We strongly advise against over-the-counter or other DIY options for making impressions of the ears or other parts of the body for that matter. In addition to a poorly fitting and performing product, you can cause serious injury, including permanent damage to your ears and hearing. For a small fee, we are happy to make an impression of ears for you to obtain custom products from the vender of your choice.

If you're still in search of the right custom option for your ear or hearing protection offer a wide selection of custom-made ear and hearing protection products. Visit our Ear and Hearing Protection page.