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Real Ear Measurement

No Guess Work Done Here.

Our Audiologists use Real Ear Measurements, sometimes referred to speech mapping or probe mic measurements, to take the guess-work out of fitting your hearing aids to your prescription.  

We are among the less than 30% of hearing care providers who uses Real Ear Measures as part of our HearWell TM gold-standard hearing aid fitting and follow up process. 

What is Real Ear Measurement?

Real Ear Measurement is the only hearing aid verification method which measures that your hearing aids are programmed for your hearing loss prescription and that the programming takes into account the differences in the size and shape of your ear canal. When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all. 

How is it done?

Your Audiologist will place small microphones in your ear canal while you are wearing your hearing aids. Special equipment is used to produce a series of sounds to measure and chart what the hearing aid is doing in your ear. Testing may be done with tones, non-sense speech, or the voice of your audiologist or family member. 

Why is it done?
  • Fitting and programing hearing aids is both an art and a science. Probe mic verification methods give your Audiologist vital, objective information about how your hearing aid is performing to ensure it is meeting your prescription. The information also helps them determine why you may be having an issue and gives them insight into how to fix it. 
  • It gives you and your loved ones a chance to see what you've been missing, and what you are hearing with your hearing aids, on the screening in real time
  • Both you and your family will be engaged in the fitting process, making it a joint affair! We find it creates a much more positive fitting experience by allowing both you and your family to see the immediate results of your hearing aids and their positive impact on your ability to hear.
When Is It Performed?
  • Our Audiologist perform probe-mic verification at various times during the initial fitting process. Sometimes it will be done at the initial fitting, whereas other times it will be done at follow-up appointments. 
  • We use it for trouble-shooting and problem solving. If you're not happy with your existing hearing aids, our Audiologists can use Real Ear Measurements to determine how they are performing and if they are programmed to meet your prescription. We are often able to reprogram existing devices, helping you avoid the cost of replacement

Schedule an appointment to experience how Real Ear Measurements can provide you with a more enjoyable hearing aid experience. 


Check out our friend Dr Cliff Olson, AuD's great Youtube videos to learn more: