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Hearing is a precious thing. We can help you prevent hearing loss and assist you in hearing again.

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Patient Testimonials

“When I started going deaf it only seemed that sound was fuzzy and people had to repeat things. I heard words that “sounded like” what was being said, making some laughable sentences. For a long time this was tolerable but finally I required hearing aids. As soon as I put them in I was shocked at the things that had been slowly lost as I slowly lost hearing. Tiny and unrecognized sounds of living things and the sounds of wind and water over small surfaces came back to me. Using hearing aids opened up all the world around me, ‘walls‘ receded, space around me expanded, and sounds around me became three dimensional. The feeling of being in a shoe box, far away from the activity I saw and even participated in, went away. Also, I have long had moderate tinnitus but by using the hearing aids the tinnitus seems to have receded, allowing me to focus my attention elsewhere.”

- Julie Nathan

“Hearing aids have helped me greatly! When I came here I could not hear anything. At church, I could not participate in Sunday School. After I got my hearing aids, I could hear! I could hear and understand the preacher and the Sunday school teachers.”

- Barbara J. Henson

“After testing and explanation of the problem, I was fitted with hearing aids. I have worn them for one year and am very pleased. I highly recommend Mountain Audiology and their staff members.”

- Jean A. Suarez

“Over the past few years, my hearing loss was so gradual that I never noticed it. Recently, I became aware of missing parts of conversations and having to ask people to repeat what they said. With Dr. Gant's help, I can now hear conversations and sounds missed for some time. What a joy it is to receive such a gift and to be able to hear again. Many thanks to Dr. Gant and the staff at Mountain Audiology.”

- John Meinecke

“You just don't realize what you are missing until you don't have to miss it anymore.”

- Hugh Russell

“I first met Dr. Leslie Gant at Mountain Audiology in March, 2001. My first hearing aids were the old "in the ear" style, and they worked very well. Later, I bought the new "over the ear" style and they are much improved over the old style. Dr Gant has always listened to my needs and wants, and has never tried to sell me something I didn't need or want. 

One advantage in dealing with Mountain Audiology is that they can buy hearing aids from several different manufacturers.  They can survey the market and select the best fit for the patient.”

- Walter Miles

“Thank goodness for Dr. Gant and Mountain Audiology. This is my second pair of aids and I love them!”

- Sandra Kirkpatrick

“Thank you for the outstanding professional service that you provided. With great patience you have restored my hearing to normal. I am grateful to you as are my wife, family, and friends.”

- Bob Taro

“I enjoy everything much more now- sounds, music, and talking. I can listen to people talk now and understand all the words. I have not heard birds and crickets in so many years- the first night I heard them I thought we lived in a jungle!”

- Luann Cook


"I have dealt with many audiologists over the year with my mom's severe hearing loss.  There is definitely no one better than Dr. Leslie.  She has the knowledge and up to date technology, besides being a wonderful, caring person."

- Janet Oryson